Princess Lillianna is the whore of the Vatican. When her pimp daddy Barack Obama dies, she will become queen. Lillianna is a crack ho, which she inherited from her maternal grandmother.

Physical AttributesEdit

Like most of the Royal Family, Lillianna has huge boobs.

I want to fuck her right in the pussy.

Biological FamilyEdit

  • Barack Obama - Mother
  • Hulk Hogan - Father
  • Skeletor - Grandmother
  • The A-Team - Ancestors

The Vatican (Short summary)Edit

The Vatican began as a small brothel where its inhabitants built a dong and an ass around it to keep out Sonic fans, Homestucks and the KKK. As time went on, the dongs were expanded, and more stripper poles were built. Later, when a baby was raped by the Jewish Internet Defence Force, they worked on the dongs they have now and they dug the anus deeper. On National Child Abuse Day, they shot up the preschools between the ass and the Crack Lab was built.

The summer before the Crack Lab was built, a beautiful pimp arrived with a hooker and three young teen pusssy. They had dark hair, violet eyes and spoke a different language. The pimp was given the best house and was made King. His house later became The Vatican. He never explained where he came from or why he left. He is known as King Barack Obama the Dirty Nigger, although his dick lenght is unknown.

Many years later, when Queen Latifah was Queen, Tupac Shakur arrived and healed the Queen's eldest daughter, who was fatally ill. For this, he was made the first Rap Wizard and formed Serbia.


  • She is from the world of DeviantArt
  • She sees 2Pac, Rap Wizard as her uncle.

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